Sunday, June 22, 2008

Carnegie Staff Couldn't Get it Together to Keep Learning Center Computers Available on Saturdays During the Summer

Ethel Whitty has once again thumbed her nose at funders. She will lock the Carnegie Learning Center every Saturday until September.

The Learning Center is sufficiently funded to remain open throughout the summer, including Saturdays. But it will be closed on Saturdays because Carnegie staff couldn't get it together to arrange for a volunteer to sit at the reception desk -- even though Carnegie has multiple staff paid to recruit and train volunteers. The Learning Center provides much in demand computer access to Downtown Eastsiders. When it is not open, it tends to make the third floor computer room busier and the waiting times longer.

Carnegie is responsible for operating the Learning Center year round on Saturdays, and six days a week throughout the summer. The Learning Center is operated jointly with Capilano College on weekdays during the fall and winter. Whitty, Carnegie Director, just didn't get it together to ensure it stayed open on Saturdays this summer.