Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bill Good's Colleague Hit by Cyclist while a Pedestrian

In July, I was listening to the Bill Good show and he was talking, along with his panelists Bill Tielman and Norm Ruff, about the dangers of bicyclists on the sidewalk.

Good said "a colleague" of his was severely injured when, as a pedestrian, she was hit by a cyclist.

I was glad he brought it up. I've been criticized for blogging about bicyclists on the sidewalk. One commenter asked if I'd actually ever seen a pedestrian hit by a cyclist. I haven't but I've seen close calls. So I was glad Good was willing to talk about how it does happen and can cause serious injury.

Ruff pointed out that pedestrians in Victoria have been placed at risk by a bicycle path which pedestrians have to cross. But Good pointed out that at least those pedestrians have a choice. They can look both ways.

One thing I like about Critical Mass is that they cycle on the street, not the sidewalk.