Sunday, March 29, 2009

Carnegie Member Feels Screwed by ICBC and His Own Lawyer

A Carnegie member who was hit by a car in a crosswalk feels screwed by both ICBC and his own lawyer John Mickelson.  The man, who was hit in a crosswalk at Broadway and Yukon in Vancouver at roughly 7 p.m. in Nov. 2007, had the green light.  He also had a cop as a witness.

The accident victim has spent much of his life in Ontario and after his accident, didn't know any lawyers in BC.  So he listened to "a longshoreman friend" who recommended lawyer John Mickelson. 

The victim got a settlement of over $37,000 in Sept. 2008.  The lawyer shaved $16,000 off the top so the victim ended up with almost $22,000.

And the victim ended up as well with a plate in his hip and three screws.  He walks with a cane.  

The victim wouldn't recommend Mickelson. "If your lawyer comes to work in jeans, there's something wrong", in his view.  Mickelson would no doubt say he got the victim the best settlement possible under the circumstances.   "I should have held out for a better offer," says the victim. 

The victim accused Mickelson of taking $16,000 for primarily making phone calls. But Mickelson's associate, Sarah Leung, told the victim that the settlement he received is comparable to what others have received in similar cases.  Leung told him that he was fortunate as Mickelson only takes 25% of the final settlement while some lawyers take 33%.

But the victim insists, "I got screwed".