Tuesday, February 17, 2009

States Re-asserting Sovereignty

This is exciting....  I was listening to it last night on Coast to Coast radio.  States in the U.S. are re-asserting their sovereignty.  And it's not just a few states.  So far eight states have done so, but the total is expected to soon be 28.  The almost trillion dollar stimulus package was a major trigger for this rebellion. 

The fact that New Hampshire is re-asserting sovereignty is considered a big deal, since it was one of the 13 founding colonies of the U.S.  

Dr. Jerome Corsi -- I read his book 'Obamanation' last summer --  was on Coast to Coast last night along with others, including a legislator from New Hampshire, discussing the emerging state rebellion. They were explaining that when the states created the federal government, it was supposed to have limited powers. But it has been grossly overstepping those powers.  It takes money from states and then gives it back with strings attached.   

One thing that states are rebelling against is "unfunded mandates".  The Feds tell state governments that they are not allowed to turn anybody away from their hospital emergency wards, but don't give them funding for the droves of peope who show up.  This is a major burden for states with huge numbers of illegal immigrants. 

States are also sending a message to the federal government about gun confiscation.  Several southern states like Mississippi and Misouri have passed legislation that they will not confiscate guns from residents. Montana too has passed such legislation.  And the thing about this type of legislation is that it is strongly worded.