Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"End of the Line Cowboy", says Cop

A plain-clothed Vancouver cop in short pants was putting his gun away as he climbed off of a suspect lying on the ground at the corner of Cordova and Columbia after dark on Sunday. "End of the line cowboy", he said.

As the handcuffed male suspect was being put in the police paddy wagon, a cop opened the trunk of what a witness described as the suspect's "small compact car" and said, "Ohhhh, look's like the Easter bunny's been here." The witness couldn't remember if this plain-clothed cop was the same one who had made the "cowboy" comment. "There were so many cops there," he said. "They were taking duffle bags out of the trunk." There were both plain-clothed and uniformed cops and both marked and unmarked police car at the scene. The witness had the impression that the cops had been following the suspect as he moved north on Columbia but he wasn't certain.