Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Luongo's Missing McNuggets

Staff at the Mcdonalds restaurant at Main & Terminal say Roberto Luongo, the Canucks goalie, grabs a bite to eat at their drive-thru window after games sometimes.  That restaurant is also popular with Downtown Eastsiders who drop in for coffee -- and free refills.

A supervisor said they once got Luongo's order wrong and forgot his "10 mcnuggets."  I don't know whether they got his order straightened out, because the supervisor wasn't talking directly to me, and it was loud in the restaurant as they now have sports blaring on the tv screens much of the time.  It's become a bit like a sports bar.

Luongo, the supervisor said, drives through in either "his truck or his sports car". He comes through during the regular season but hasn't come through during the playoffs.

A young Chinese guy who works at Mcdonalds was delighted that Luongo shook his hand.

That Mcdonald's is a short distance away from the arena in downtown Vancouver where the Canucks play their home games -- so close that you can see the big yellow arches if you look across the parking lot.

Professional athletes have to be on a high quality diet.  But some dietitians advise following the 80-20 rule.  Eat well 80% of the time, and you can eat whatever you please the other 20% of the time.  That allows for some Mcdonalds take-out to snack on while driving home after a game.