Thursday, May 21, 2009

2608 filled with Hate

 There is a cop with white blond hair, in his early twenties, who is often standing around outside Carnegie. Mark my words.  He's trouble.  I made a point of getting his number: 2608.  

He's got an attitude problem.  He talks to people with a "You're shit" tone.  When he could be neutral in the way he speaks to somebody, he power trips.  He's never bothered me when I walk by that corner but I notice him all the time, because he's such a power tripping peacock.  Ask me who else is policing outside Carnegie and I couldn't tell you, I couldn't even describe them, because they don't stand out like this guy with the white blond hair and the major attitude. 

Here's an example:  A young native guy was standing in front of Carnegie near the cross walk and this cop goes up to him and sticks his nose just inches from the native guy's nose and asks in an aggressive "Fcuk you" tone, "What are you doing here!!?".  He fired a battery of questions at the native, all with a fcuk you tone, but the native guy persisently acted deferential.  The cop didn't seem to have anything on the native guy; he and his fellow partner didn't search him.  The blond cop eventually walked away and the young native guy kept standing there.  The native guy was no doubt into something if he was standing outside Carnegie but the cops have all the power, they don't have to treat him in a way that could get a rise out of him.   Nathan, who used to run a Philosopher's Cafe at Carnegie, once said that when you're fcuking with somebody, it's best to be polite.   Then he laughed.

Sooner or later, #2608  is going to become an embarrassment to the VPD.