Friday, July 25, 2008

Welfare Gave Parents Money on Wednesday for Back-to-School Supplies

Wednesday, July 23rd was welfare day. But this month's welfare cheque included a bonus to buy children back to school supplies. Here was how the government explained it in an insert with the cheque:

"This cheque includes the school start-up supplement. This supplement is $84 for each child aged 5-11 years and $116 for each child aged 12-18 years."

Why was the back to school supplement was dispersed so early? It could have been included with the next welfare cheque which will be issued on August 27th. This being a five-week welfare month -- most welfare months are four weeks long -- people will be tempted to dip into their back to school money just to get through the month.

The government also announced in the insert with the cheques that they have yet again changed the name of the ministry which hands out welfare cheques. It is now the Ministry of Housing and Social Development.