Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Gone Bad

A friend emailed me last week inviting me out for dinner on my birthday, Jan. 2. I responded with an email, "That would make for a happy birthday!"

But on my birthday, I emailed this friend and they acted as though they didn't remember it was my birthday. I eventually prompted them, "Wish me a happy birthday!" They wrote back, "Happy birthday, and many happy repeats of same." They didn't mention their invitation to take me out to dinner and seemed to be hoping that I would conveniently forget the invitation. It was awful.

I wished I had known in advance so that I could have made other plans.

Late in the evening, this friend suggested we go to Waves for hot chocolate. At Waves, I tried doing what the Waves public relations person (I believe it was a Waves pr person who left a comment on a previous post about hot chocolate) suggested doing to ensure the hot chocolate was hot: get the cold whipped cream on the side. But the hot chocolate was still not hot, just warm. I only drank half of it.

I will never again trust Waves hot chocolate.