Thursday, December 29, 2011

Vancouver Police Ignore Assault on Christian at Christmas

Matthew Lee, and a group of Christians paid $75 for a permit to preach at Cambie & Hastings in downtown Vancouver at Christmas time.  A passerby who disapproved of their preaching shoved Mathew down onto the sidewalk, knocking out two of his front teeth.

Matthew and the witnesses had a detailed description of the suspect for the Vancouver Police, including the fact that he was dressed in black and wearing a band across his forehead that read, "Resistance".  But police seemed indifferent.  They didn't take a report.  They simply told Matthew to, "stay out of the vicinity."  Matthew actually lives in the vicinity, in a bachelor suite in the old Woodwards building.

Matthew is a mix of Asian and native, and he said the man who assaulted him was native.

Neither myself or other bloggers know Matthew well, but he's been around for years and has never come across as aggressive.  He also works for the BC Lions, looking after their uniforms.

Stephen Harper has set up an office to deal with religious persecution around the world, a move that is largely believed to be a response to recent attacks on Christians.

It's time Chief Chu sent an officer over to the Woodwards building to assure Matthew that this assault will be investigated.