Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cops deserve credit for Restraint shown at Riot

For as long as I can remember, police have been criticized for clobbering people with billy clubs.  Last week's riot showed that they are listening.  I recall in the 1994 riot, innocent people were seriously injured by police brutality.

Obviously the VPD were under instructions last week to put human life first, before property.

If the Mayor, Police Chief, and City Manager had made adequate preparations for such a large crowd, much of the property damage could have been avoided too.

City Hall and the Premier have been putting enormous emphasis on charging the young people who caused the damage.  I don't have a problem with charging them, but I have a problem with using teenagers to deflect attention from the negligence of those in leadership roles.

I'm realizing as most people do as they get older that there are no grown ups.