Thursday, December 11, 2008

MP for the British Columbia Riding of Vancouver Moonbat Could Become Cabinet Minister

I read in the newspaper that my MP in Vancouver East, Libby Davies, is considered likely to become a cabinet minister should the Tory government fall and the Liberal-NDP coalition take power. I immediately thought of small dead animals.

They dubbed Davies, "MP for the British Columbia riding of Vancouver Moonbat". Kate, a writer at the small dead animals site in Saskatchewan, posted a video of Davies standing up in parliament and reading a petition on behalf of 500 people in her riding who believe that 9-11 was an inside job by the Bush administration.

I doubled over laughing when I saw the video.

I find it frightening that an MP who would not take a stand against the tampering with the free election process at her own organizing base could end up a cabinet minister but, even though I laughed at the video of Libby's 9-11 performance, I don't have a problem with her reading the petition. Commenting at small dead animals, Jeff Patterson wrote, "To be fair to her, does she 'have' to present a petition that is sent to her by her constituents, assuming it is properly formed?" I think she was just doing her job.

I know one of Davies' constituents who would be angry about her reading this petition though. Although I don't follow the 9-11 conspiracy story, I watched part of a video produced by the 9-11 Truth people and commented to this American ex-pat that some of the evidence seemed compelling. He jumped up and yelled at me, "You mean to say MY government, MY government....!!!!" He's lives in Davies' Vancouver East riding and if he sees this video of Libby, I can picture him yelling like Jackie Gleason: