Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Car Wrapped Around Pole by Burger King

People enjoying Whopper Wednesday -- Whopper burgers for $1.99 -- at Burger King on Main St. at 1st Ave. were left stressed this afternoon after a car wrapped itself around a pole outside.

When the accident happened at about 6 p.m., a practical nurse having a burger and others went to see if they could help. The occupants of the car, a male and female, whom a male witness described as "East Indian", "just kids, about twenty five [years old]" were hurt. The woman reportedly had a broken neck and hip. "She was going in and out of consciousness", said the witness. The male in the car, said the witness, "had a bad back".

People who have seen the aftermath of a bad accident often have a need to talk about it in the hours afterward. That was the case with people walking down Main St. today toward the SkyTrain Station at Terminal & Main. One man whom I didn't know told me that the air bags had burst and that the pole had "impaled" the car, "like a can opener". He said if anybody had been in the back seat, they would have been killed.