Sunday, December 14, 2008

Halle Berry Scantily Dressed during Filming after Vancouver's First Snowfall

Last night, we had our first snowfall in Vancouver and tonight at about 10 p.m., Halle Berry was running through the intersection of Hastings & Columbia, "half naked in a ripped dress" as one Downtown Eastside resident put it. As she ran, sixties era cars rushed at her, tires screeching.

The movie was set in California. I noticed California plates on one of the cars when I walked up Hastings. "There was bloody ice on the street," a Downtown Eastsider pointed out afterwards, laughing.

Photo: Note the snow on the roof of the police SUV which was in an accident on the block where the Halle Berry movie was being filmed. This photo was taken around 8 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 14, just a couple of hours before Berry was running through the intersection at the end of the block.

The Downtown Eastsider watched three takes of Halle running through the intersection. "Each time, the cars got faster", he said.

He was chuckling about the big afro hairdos on the Black guys trying to look like they were right out of the sixties. One guy with an afro whose job it was to walk toward the intersection during each take, told the Downtown Eastsider that Berry was playing a woman with a dual personality. He explained that during this scene, she had just switched personalities and was getting herself out of a situation her other personality had gotten her into.

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Vancouver Police Crash in Real Life during Filming of Halle Berry Movie

A cop in an unmarked vehicle was doing a U-turn at roughly 7:30 this evening in the middle of the 100 block Hastings St., and was struck by the car behind. That's what Marie, a young aboriginal woman with long dark hair walking along Hastings St., said.

"I saw the whole thing," Marie remarked. "It was the cop's fault."

There were lots of people on the sidewalk, some coming and going outside Insite, the supervised drug fixing site and apres fix cafe. One guy gazing at the crash site joked, "It's hard to know what's part of the movie." I didn't see filming close to the crash but police had Hastings St. blocked off from Main St. to Carroll. I don't know if it was blocked off at the time of the crash. When I walked up Hastings again a little after 10 p.m., filming with Halle Berry was going on at Columbia and Hastings using sixties era cars.

The photographer who passed the photos along to us reports that when she was taking photographs, a young, tall, white male cop in a yellow jacket strutted over to her and said, "Technically I could seize your camera as evidence." The photographer thought he was trying to tell her in a coded way to stop taking photographs. "I have a Charter right to take photographs", she responded politely. He repeated, "I just want you to know that technically I could seize your camera as evidence." Then she held up her camera to take a photo which would include him. See how fast he turned around.

Standing on the sidewalk later, she said to a friend, "I thought he was threatening me." Her friend responded, "He was."