Monday, August 3, 2009

Show Gay Pride: Raise a Child

The Gay Pride parade was this weekend. Pride goeth before a fall.

At a time when it looks like gay rights are so alive, they are on the brink of being murdered. Look at the demographics.

Gays, and the liberals who support gay rights, are not reproducing. To sustain itself, a culture must have 2.11 children per family. History shows that cultures with a fertility rate below that die out. In 31 countries across Europe, the birth rate is a deadly 1.38 per family. In Canada, we are one percentage point below our ability to reproduce our current culture: 1.6 children per couple. The German government, the first to officially acknowledge the problem, recently issued a statement admitting that Germany is past the point of being able to reproduce their culture: "It will be a Muslim state by the year 2050."

Most western countries are making up for their low birth rates by having an open door policy toward immigration by Muslims. When they arrive, Muslims reproduce at about 7 times the rate of liberals.

Islam has no pretense to supporting gay rights. Or women's rights. Don't say, 'The Catholic church is just as bad." They aren't. Compared to most Islamic clerics, the Catholic pope is the blow up doll at the head of the gay pride parade. And besides, the Catholics are becoming outnumbered by Islamists too, according to a recent statement by the Vatican.

The problem with many gays and liberals is that they are too pc to talk about this. The last time I outed Islam on this blog, I got a comment from a woman at the Lorie Krill Co-op on Cordova St. on the Downtown Eastside, calling me "racist". Islam is not a race. But the facts never deter liberals falling over themselves to accomodate the Islamic religion which will do little to accomodate them.

Look at what happened to Mark Steyn. Young Muslims in Canada arranged for him to get dragged in front of the Human Rights Commission for daring to write about Muslim demographics and the threat they pose to the western way of life. Steyn quoted a Muslim sheik who said that the Islamic way of life will prevail because Muslims are reproducing "like mosquitos", compared to western liberals. Don't ask this sheik what he thinks of gay rights.

Like Steyn, Coast to Coast radio has the courage to report on this issue. That's where I came across the above link to a video.

I almost forgot to mention the Netherlands. What ever happened to that liberal-to-the-max country we've all heard about? I read about a gay man who thought the U.S. was homophobic so he moved to Holland; he moved back to the U.S. where he found it much safer to walk down the street as an openly gay man. He said Muslims in Holland were attacking gays. In 15 years, the population of the Netherlands is expected to be 50% Muslim.

Instead of sneering at "breeders", gays should consider doing more breeding themselves.