Tuesday, January 2, 2007

$20 bill snatched from elderly woman's hand

It's the new year and time to buy a new $1 membership card at the Carnegie Centre. That's what an elderly Chinese-Canadian woman had in mind on New Year's day as she headed up the front steps with a $20 bill in her hand

A guy snatched the bill and ran.

A bystander with crutches chased him but he was no match for the thief. The thief ran into the building and out onto the outdoor smoking patio where he must have jumped the fence by Chinatown to escape.

It's generally not dangerous to walk into the Carnegie Centre though. There are people who who have been regularly going there for 20 years without any trouble. There are security guards who stand in the lobby and tour the building.

Someone standing on the sidewalk might ask under their breathe if you want to buy crack or morphine or something. But if you ignore them, they don't persist.

The media's tendency to make the people on the Downtown Eastside seem to be living dangerous, degenerate, desperate lives in a hell is sometimes called "poornography". Anti-poverty activists criticize the media for doing this but they do it themselves. It attracts more funding.

A former Vancouver Police officer who now works for the Los Angeles police told a Vancouver newspaper that the Downtown Eastside is not a dangerous place for police officers to work. He took alot of flack for saying that because comments like that can undermine requests for increased funding. But that officer was telling the truth.

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dag said...

The danger of the Lower East Side of Vancouver is far different from that of Alphabet City, it's true; however, one might well compare the death toll in Vancouver to that of Manahattan and come up with something similar in the way of the death toll: in spite of "safe" injection sites we have dead junkies all over the damned city-- because being a junkie is just OK around this city, they being victims of society, protected and cared for by those who make fabulous amounts of money doing sweet screw-all but making high-sounding public announcements about their concern and our respective lack of concern for the "poor." Junkies die in filth because they are junkies, not because we lack concern for their lives. More junkies means more dead junkies, and more junkies come about because being a junkie is not despicable, not something shameful and disgraceful in the eyes of society. So those who "protect" junkies and such do nothing more than allow for more Human devastation than would a mean-spirited bigot like myself who would toss the bastards in prison and let them suffer till they decide or not to act differently, regardless of their unhappy childhoods in the suburbs.

But the poverty industry in Canada, in Vancouver in particular, feeds on the population of the desperate like the grief leeches they are, turning people into pets, feral and diseased and helpless and dependent and hostile. The "poor" become a threat used to extort cash from the citizens, making people pay for fear the "poor" will be unleashed on the "rich" if the "poor" aren't bought off and minded by the poverty industry. Marginal people are ruined to feed the coffers of the Left dhimmi fascists who use the poor at best as pets, at worst as edibles.

Who is dangerous in the east side of Vancouver? Not those who snatch twenty bucks from an old lady but those who make it possible that such criminal people act as they do without fear or shame. And without discouragement, in fact, with near blessing from the poverty advocates, the marginal become the proxies of the poverty pimps, the hammer to beat money and status from the people, even those who are marginal themselves.

This scam would be a joke if it weren't that so many people end up dead, needlessly so, because the Left fascists want to pose and play games and pretend they're moral, missionaries, philosopher kings. The Left fascists have closed the pound in order to tend the feral they thereby create. Leftists are not the friends of the poor the poor seem to think they are. It's impossible to explain that to the dead, and usually even the living don't get it.

Keep blogging, mate. Expose these fascists for what they are: Death Hippies.