Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hacker smears blogger as "child porn watcher"

There seems to be no end to the harassment of homeless blogger Bill Simpson.

Just hours after the article, "Homeless man barred for blogging, Part 2", was published on the Downtown Eastside Enquirer blog and, a hacker struck. The hacker was obviously displeased with the article which exposed the Carnegie Learning Centre, operated by Capilano College and the City of Vancouver, for barring a homeless man for daring to blog. The hacker attempted to discredit Simpson by criminally libeling him.

The hacker periodically altered text in the article. The article opened with Simpson being falsely identified as a "child porn watcher". His website,, was falsely identified as "".

Here's another example of altered text:

Original text: Simpson was a computer student, showing up regularly to teach himself how to build a website.
Altered text: Simpson was a computer student and a racist, showing up regularly to masturbate himself....

Simpson wasn't the only student at the Carnegie Learning Centre to be maligned. The word "fat" was inserted in front of the name of another student mentioned in the article. This indicated that the hacker was not an outsider, but someone familiar with the student body inside the Carnegie Learning Centre.

In addition to altering text of current postings, the hacker added their own posting, claiming, "BILL IS A FAG!". For the record, Simpson is a heterosexual guy with an ex-wife and two grown children. The imposter signed the posting with the name of a person who originally set up the Enquirer's blogger account, a name that had not previously been made public.

Even the news site, which gave the Enquirer article exposure and ran a photo of Simpson, was hacked into. The "homeless" blogger became the "homo" blogger in the blurb promoting the article.

A racist comment was also inserted on by the hacker. Breaking into an account held by "jr" who posts articles from the Enquirer, and signing with Bill Simpson's name, the hacker suggested that Carnegie: "Ban some of those chinks for gambling and drunk Indians."

The Downtown Eastside Enquirer has had an ongoing problem with a hacker, since criticizing the Carnegie Centre and the poverty industry on the Downtown Eastside. Last fall, the name of the blog was tampered with and two postings deleted. When the postings were restored, the hacker returned and deleted the entire blog. Due to the level of defamation this time around, it is being treated as a criminal matter.

The Enquirer is also asking Google to take an interest in this professional hacker making a mockery of their system. When the hacker originally struck last fall, Google was notified but gave no help in restoring the deleted blog postings -- even though they have a copy of everything. Some old postings have still not been restored. The Enquirer did, on the advice of Google, change the password - but a password is a mere speed bump to a skilled hacker.

Downtown Eastside sources to the Enquirer insist on anonymity, claiming that people who speak up about the Carnegie Centre or the poverty industry on the Downtown Eastside are vulnerable to harassment. Their fears do not appear to be unfounded.


dag said...

This is excellent. Let the fascist Left show itself as it truly is; and then let the people decide what to do with those who make $104.000.00 per year from taxpayers. Let the tax payers decide if they wish to continue paying people at the Carnegie Library and others, CUPE members, for example, to write hate rants about homeless people, such as we have witnessed in previous posts here. And now this piece of hack work from a vile lunatic.

This is the kind of exposure the Left deserves, to show them as they are in their own words and deeds. Stealing Bill's indentity to post racist hate rants against "Niggers, Spics and Chinks" and then to rant about Bill being a "homo" and a paedophile, and whatever else I missed, is to show the hatred that motivates the Left and to show the hatred the Left have for the people generally.

The naked and insane hatred the Left feels toward people is shown by the actions and writings of the Left themselves. To steal Bill's name and post that filth under it is so low and dirty that we can all sit back and gasp at the evil of the one who did this to a man who is homeless but not quite friendless. And who has the skills to hack into the website "Now Public" and into blogger? We'll know soon enough, and then the time to account for this will please at least some of us.

I am the blogger. Come and get me. A dozen will take my place!

deceased fire said...

that is quite an ignorant brush with which the above is painting.