Monday, May 21, 2007

Boy, 14, to be charged with 2nd degree homicide in death of 13 yr. old

The Vancouver teen accused of fatally stabbing Chris Poeung will be charged with second degree homicide, VPD Constable Tim Fanning told reporters today, not manslaughter as originally anticipated.

"The new charge means the prosecution will allege the youngster used a weapon that he should have known could cause death", the Globe and Mail reported.

The accused 14 year old will remain in jail until his appearance in provincial youth court on Tuesday.


Shanel said...

you no what??i loved chrisna poeung and that will never change.and if they were fighting over a girl..thats stupid...only one girl is special enough for chrisna to be fighting over , and that`s cathy le.and in the begining they shouldnt have been fighting.and he shouldnt have died for f*** man.i miss him like i dont no what.and im shur cathy does to.cathy le is a really strong girl and i love her for being so strong and you no what else.that person who killed chrisna is obviesly just an idiot child with a knife that shouldnt have one..>=(R.I.P sweet heart.i love you )=

Anonymous said...

rest in peace hun , your missed by so many people its hard knowing that your gone and its bullshit knowing that i knew the person who did it i just wish i could of taken the stab insted of you, you were to young and never deserved this. you had a loving girlfriend a home to go to and friends who would do anything for u. i miss you and so does everybody else. please god keep chris safe, and make the person who did it get what he deserves. BUT from the police not from other kids because its going to go back and forth one persons going to get revenge and then its going to start going back and forth and i dont want to looose anybody else that i in peace chris. ilybabybro

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it now seems that the guy with the knife used it in self defense and will not be charged. So who actually was the idiot? Only cowards attack in swarms and they get what they deserve.