Monday, July 2, 2007

Art Bell Retires from Coast to Coast Radio Show

Art Bell announced last night that he is retiring from his popular Coast to Coast radio show.

Knowing that his listeners have heard him retire on previous occasions, Bell said, "This time it's for real though. (chuckles) It's for real."

Bell explained that this time he was retiring not for some tragedy or emergency, but to be with his wife and infant daughter. He married Airyn (Ruiz) Bell, roughly 40 years his junior, last year -- just a few months after his wife Ramona died suddenly. A daughter, Asia Rayne Bell, was born just a few weeks ago. Bell's voice sounded emotional at times during the announcement, as though he was holding back tears:

“God has blessed me with love in my life at a time, frankly, when I thought I had lost any reason to live following Mona's death: my wonderful wife Airyn and now our daughter Asia. I really want what time the Lord has left for me to be with them."

Bell commented that on June 17th, he became eligible for Social Security. Then he laughed as he reflected on that fact. He turned 62 on that date.

Bell explained last night that he had needed to return to the air after Ramona's death because his audience was what was "familiar", they were "family" in a way. "All I had left at that dark time in my life was all of you." Being a private person despite being a public figure, he had a very small circle of close friends "and that's about it." But he now needs, he said, to go off the air as he enters a new phase in life. He added that it's not often that a person gets a "second chance" in life.

So listeners can no longer expect to hear Art Bell's relaxed but upbeat voice on Saturday and Sunday nights announcing that it is "my privilege to escort you through the weekend.” But he will still be associated with the Coast to Coast show he helped found, he says, and will be back occasionally to fill in or do a special. Listeners can still reach him, he said, at his two e-mail addresses on the Coast to Coast website.

Although Bell had not mentioned in his retirement announcement at the beginning of the show that he was going to the Philippines, his guest made mention of it at the end of the show when wishing him a good retirement: "I know you're going to the Philippines. Enjoy it." Bell responded, "OK".

Bell reminded his listeners that it had always been a "distinct pleasure" to be their host and then signed off:

"From the high desert. . .Goodbye."

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Anonymous said...

Someone did a video of our friend Art:

Anonymous said...

He will be back it is in his blood..But I wish him the best.

Darrel Icht said...

Noory is a great sleep aid, I can listen for just a few minutes of the ridiculous ghost, ufo, or cryptozoological crap before falling fast asleep.

At least Art had some entertaining guests once in awhile.

Godspeed, Art.

Anonymous said...

I don't go for the lunatic fringe much, but I was told by some conspiracy nut that Art Bell was retiring because of his coverage of the recently released memoirs of some atomic scientist dealing with the area 51 cover-up that were only published in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Art will be missed. I wish the best
for the new Bell family.
Noory is ok but I have no clue
where Ian is going with it and I
have no desire to find out.

Anonymous said...

few years after Art's retirement, I still miss him when I am getting ready to sleep and turn on the radio.

Anonymous said...

I found Art Bell in 1995 and stayed up late into the night. I can even say my job suffered a bit and had to drag myself to work the next morning. Since his leaving, George and the reset are ok but they are NO Art Bell. As a Network Tech and Ham guy, he was interesting and talked my language. Since his leaving, I have not stayed up once and you can’t blame time shifting and Iphone apps that allow you to listen anytime. I just think this whole thing sucks and George and the rest are taking the show in the wrong direction. OK I will tell it how it is! They are boring and I only listen to about the first 5 minutes. If Art stays in retirement, thanks for letting me sleep.

Anonymous said...

what's the nationality of his wife?

looks filipino to me.

and then i just read an article about him dissing filipinos.

i'm confused.

Anonymous said...

It looks like it is a big lie and Art Bell was a victim of the press and hate mongers....I remember listening to Art on the radio when this happen and he was so mad because his late wife was filipino. He has since re-married again to a nice looking filipino. It was all BS and i think he got even with the guy that put this stuff on the web.

Anonymous said...

Art was a victim of the press and it was all BS. I think he got even in the court room. He was so mad on the air when this came up and he made it clear that it was a lie. He stated that he was married to his late wife "Ramona" and she was a filipino.....But once things get put on the web they get life of thier own and keep comming up.

Hatchetman said...

Art Bell pulled AM out of the dregs,never was the same after Art left the whole thing went conservative.

Anonymous said...

A heroic American who tried to wake people up.He was attacked because he wouldn't toe the conservative line.Openly talking of our degrading climate and cheating murderous leaders.An educated populace is a threat to our plutocratic overseers!