Saturday, September 29, 2007

Divorced from Reality

A man in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, divorced his wife because he caught her alone in the same room as an unrelated male. The male was on television, hosting a show that she was watching.

In Saudia Arabia, under the heavily patriarchal Sharia law, a man can divorce his wife without going through the courts.

Efforts to introduce Sharia law to Ontario were defeated on Dec. 9, 2005. "I am so happy,” Ms. Homa Arjomand, one of the primary organizers against Sharia in Canada, said at the time.

I came across this story on Covenant Zone.


dag said...

You've go a lot of "self-defense" ad on the right-side margin of your blog. I wonder what the advertisers think your readers will want to defend themselves against? Jealous husbands? Babes with Guns? Weirdo schoolteachers? Or is it about kids with guns and social workers letting them run wild in the streets?

Well, here goes. I'll check em out just to see.

EEE-Yow!! Take that!

Cerberus said...

There was an article on CNN some time ago which told of a reporter in the middle east commenting on how the women would follow their husbands at a distance of 10 feet. The following year she returned and noticed that since there had been a little reform since the conflict over there, the women were now walking in advance of their husbands. When a wife was asked if this bit of freedom was a result of Americanization, the wife simply replied, " mines"!

dag said...

I looked at the ads, and for Muslim women self-defense is an illustrated manual on adopting the foetal position.

Another shows discount coupons for running shoes and canteens.

My favorite is the kit containing gray and blue make-up for hands and faces, white-pupil contact lenses, and a really foul smelling body lotion, the Revlon paint-pack, and the hand-scrawled note reading: "I already killed my daughter/sister/mother to avenge my honor. Meet me at the celebratory dinner when you see this note."