Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Whiskeyjack Murder Suspect Picked Up on Downtown Eastside

Last night on the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver police picked up "a person of interest" in the murder of Marilyn Whiskeyjack. Constable Tim Fanning told CKNW that a male was arrested and is being questioned "but at this time there are no charges." Police believe Whiskeyjack knew her attacker.

A Carnegie member pointed out yesterday that with Crime Stoppers willing to pay up to $2,000 for a tip and it being over a week before welfare cheques are issued, "there are going to be some hungry drug addicts". One of them might be tempted to tip police, he said.

Whiskeyjack was stabbed in Main Room at 117 Main St. late Friday night. She died an hour later in hospital.

Whiskeyjack's murder is Vancouver's 15th homicide this year.

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dag said...

I missed it again. I missed the sense of the people who survive at some level on the Lower Eastside. In a post below there is a piece on some idiot who got stabbed and didn't report the case to the police because he didn't want to rat n another low-life loser. In posts above and around, a woman is knifed to death and people feel just fine about ratting on the killer because they wish to feed their permanent drug habits. What's not adding up here? Reality and the life of those involved in these stories, for a start. Look at it this way:

Moron got stabbed and didn't call the police. Stabber walks around free to stab him again or stab anyone else as the occasion arises, perhaps killing someone the next time. whose business is that? Well, it's the severe concern of anyone who might be the victim, to start with, and it extends to the city of people who have to tolerate the fact that a maniac is wandering around getting away with stabbing people for the "because" of it.

Then some "No one is Illegal" knifes another person, a woman in a skid road hotel room, and because there's possibly some drug money to be had, that's OK to grab. One dead, one on his way to prison for a few years, and the city lives with more povertarians demanding more money to control the slightest aspects of people's lives, what you write on the Internet, for example, while the severe danger of being knifed to death is ignored as a matter of unconcern to the povertarians. Oh yes, there might be some money in a parade In Solidarity with Dead Women. Excuse me.

Back to moron getting stabbed and not wanting to rat on stabber. That's it? Some maniac wanders around and then comes back! I have to wonder just how dispirited and stupid are the people who live in the Lower Eastside. How over-controlled are they that they won't go to the police, and they won't then decide that if they're so anti-social they won't do that because they're "outlaws" who would rather deal with life on their own terms, they then do absolutely nothing about someone who stabbed them? Don't these people have any brains at all? If you won't go to the police to get a killer off the street, then the reasonable thing for an outlaw loser to do is to be the outlaw loser one is: do the stabber oneself! How stupid do these people get?

On one called the police to deal with the maniac who killed Marylin before he killed her? Well, then how much longer did they think it would be before he went from stabbing someone without killing to stabbing with killing? If people are so screwed up they won't call the police, it tells me they have to go all out and deal with crazies themselves so there's some order, even if an outlaw order on the streets. Do nothing? No wonder women are murdered like this.

Make up you're muddled minds. Either you call the police like normal people or you are the police in your own destroyed and worthless community. Doing nothing means more Marylins will die and more losers will end up in prison and more povertarians will go around pissing away tons of cash pretending they give a shit.