Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"Soup Nazi" Returns to Sally Ann Soup Truck

Last week, a BCTF member who teaches at the Downtown East Learning Center stopped at the nearby Sally Ann Soup Truck for the poor and had a bowl of soup. This raised questions about whether a working person should be using the free soup truck as a convenience. An article about this teacher standing in the charity soup line was reported on the Downtown Eastside Enquirer.

Last night she came back! On Tues. Oct. 2, the teacher once again lined up for a free bowl of soup. Since this unionized worker is taking soup meant for the poor and hungry on the Downtown Eastside, residents jokingly call her the "Soup Nazi".


Anonymous said...

Maybe she just wants to be close to "her people."

dag said...

"Her people." Well, that seems appropriate for one who lives in a state of myopic minding of the people. Slavery isn't over at all, it's just different. "Her fans" or "her followers" are now "her people" plain and simple, owned and used as farm animals in the city, meat animals used for the povertrians' purposes, for generating money from the tax farm, and then "her people" or "her things that seem in human form" replaced as they wear out or become untamed. "Her people."

How much do people cost to own? Not much, many of them going for a couple of food stamps at the Carnegie Centre, a "free" bowl of soup.

Oh yeah, and "feel the love."