Saturday, January 5, 2008

Chris Laird Passes Away

Chris Laird, a long time Downtown Eastside resident and former Carnegie Board member, passed away today at St. Paul's hospital.

Laird had suffered from health problems for years after his doctor repeatedly failed to diagnose his diabetes.

He was a nice guy.

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Rachel davis said...

This is sad news, and I think it is beautiful that you have posted it.

Chris deserves a lot of credit for a life time of always trying to make people's lives a little better. He always had time to tell a joke or a story, and he always noticed when you were down. As a long-standing volunteer, he was never abusive, and always positive.

He was, as the saying goes in spanish, "Jente descente", decent people, and I have already missed him in his long stay in the hospital. Carnegie will put on a memorial I hope, and I hope to see all his friends there.
Happy trails, until we meet again, Chris,