Monday, January 28, 2008

David Frum Weighs In on Human Rights Commissions Acting as Idea Censors

David Frum, a Canadian-born former speech-writer for George W. Bush, weighed in this morning on the persecution of writer Mark Steyn and publisher Ezra Levant by Human Rights Commissions in Canada.

Speaking on Vancouver's CKNW radio, Frum said that the hauling of his "friends" in front of the Ontario and/or B.C. Human Rights Commissions to answer for material published is so "egregious" that it may be a turning point for Canadians. He pointed out that Human Rights Commissions were set up as an inexpensive way to resolve housing and employment disputes, as an alternative to a trial, but were never meant to interfere in the "marketplace of ideas".


David Davis said...

I hope it does just that, to the HRCs.
"Human Rights Commissions" sound just like the "Sondergerichte" or "(special) people's courts" (it's not exactly translatable into Free-people's languages) of the third Reich. I, as an old British writer born in the reign of the Last King, would have thought that enough Canadian men and women had died in the attempt to purge these things from the world, such that your country would not then need to set up new ones, as evil in intent although without the powers (yet) to take life, that the nazi ones had.

See more friends of Mark Steyn and Ezra (is he Lebanese by ancestry? I bet you 5p he is! Yo!) at

Dag said...

Richter und dichter, the "special" job to have in Canada. Can they take a life yet? No, not exactly; but to look at the conditions outside today, i.e. snow a foot deep, one must wonder just what the povertarians of the Carnegie Centre think they're doing to those they ban from pubic property with impunity. It's significantly different in the case of Simpson and the cases of Steyn and Levant, that the former is in the woods by choice, as it were, and the other two are not out of it yet, though I'm certain they never expected to be there in the first place and want out; however, in all these cases, it is the Gnostic minders who tell us all what to say, what to write, and what to think who are causing genuine harm to individuals and to individualism in general in this nation, people professional or private, hounded by the "Human Rights Commissions" or simply by petty bureaucrats making $104.000.00 per year (that we know of.) From top to bottom, the people of this nation are losing what others before us have gained; and we will lose our freedoms because they are freedoms that must be fought for daily, always, to keep our freedoms from the hands of the minders whose very reason for living is to tear down the good of man and to replace it with the utopian visions of -- themselves.

We must, if we care at all about our own lives, fight back, if only in verbal support of those who are today being silenced by the minders. Wear a button, for example, proclaiming sympathy and support for Steyn, Levant, or Simpson. Question authority. While you still can.

Or can you do something like that at the Carnegie Centre without being banned?