Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gang Violence Task Force at No. 5 Orange Again Last Night

Last night, the Gang Violence Task Force was once again at the No. 5 Orange strip bar at Main & Powell St. They were also spotted there the Sunday before last. And once previous to that too. When the Task Force was first set up in 2006 after a series of brazen gang shootings, a member told the media that they would be 'in the faces' of gang members, showing up at places they hang out.

The officers seemed startled when the camera flash went off, says the photographer, "but they were friendly". The white male to the right asked where the photos would be posted. The photographer told him that one of the sites would be, "NowPublic".

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Dag said...

There qr obviously some people who think gangs are a good thing; but I'm not one of them. And since that's the case, and since I'm not going to do a damned thing about it regardless of doing something being very much in my personal interest, I laud those who do, those who save me and the rest of us from out-of-control killers and scum-bags. Thanks to the police, most of us can live our private lives in some sense of security. If the police don't add to that, then we'd know pretty well instantly. As is, our worst problem is the court system run by ageing Death hippies. I'm cheering for the cops on this one.