Friday, March 14, 2008

Carnegie Locks Poor Out of Computer Room this Afternoon

This afternoon, the computer room at Carnegie Center was closed. Low income people arriving to use computers found the door locked and the place in darkness.

Carnegie's Director, Ethel Whitty, has an office just meters away. But she seems to do little to ensure that this taxpayer funded service remains open at all times.


Anonymous said...

Ah gee, don't blame Ethel. She's busy devising ways to make life miserable for Rachel Davis, the only Carnegie board member to stand up for barred homeless Carnegie director William Simpson.

You would think the Board may want to chime in and give old Ethel some advice about keeping facilities available for the members they represent, but then that requires a bit of backbone. Except for Rachel and William, there's nary a bit of the spine in that lot, and they too are busy doing their part to help Ethel persecute Rachel.

There's an election coming up though, and if there is some will amongst the members, that would be the ideal time to have a say. Starting with the pathetic president of the board, Margaret Prevost, best known for temper tantrums and unparliamentary language, kick the mess of them out - and tell them to take their buddy Paul Taylor with them.

reliable sources said...

On Saturday evening, around 9 p.m., a Carnegie member went to the Seniors Lounge and found it in darkness.

The Carnegie Seniors Lounge is scheduled to be open until 10 p.m. daily so that people can use the three Vancouver Public Library public access computers in the corner (a popular service which always has a waiting list), watch television, buy coffee, or read the newspaper.