Friday, July 18, 2008

Firemen Douse Flames in Homeless Man's "Home"

A spot where a homeless man was living in an alley off Main St. between National and Prior Streets -- just north of the Pacific Central train and bus station -- went up in flames Thursday night around 10 p.m. "A homeless man and his girlfriend got into a fight and she came back and set his place on fire", explained a man standing behind the boarded up American Hotel next door watching the firemen.

Five fire trucks (one pictured above), a white van marked "Fire Investigation", an ambulance and at least three police cars arrived in the alley. A pedestrian said the smoke was about 50 feet in the air before the firemen hosed the site down. "The firemen had it out in no time", he said.

A dark-haired, forty-something, mustached man of Middle Eastern descent stood in front of the nearby T-Rex corner store on Main St. -- Muslims run that store -- talking to two other men as they looked in the direction of the smoke. "I hope some bums died," he said. "I hope all those bums died."

Remains of homeless man's place after firemen hosed it down.

Fire Inspector examines scene of fire. A charred post from the fire can be seen in foreground.

Firemen chat after Inspector finishes up.


Dag said...

I wonder if the man burned out of house and home, as it were, is also banned from the Carnegie Centre. Now where's he going to go? Nowhere.

Ethanol and her gang of fellow Povertarians have created a theatrical scene of "homelessness" to make a vivid scene of urban tragedy so they have an "issue" and a "crisis" they and only they can "manage" if only they have more money, more control, more out-right raw power.

A few "bums" die? Well, when the cameras come out and the Povertarians weep and pull their fore-locks and emote and demand more money and power it all looks pretty terrible; but when the cameras are gone and it's just the people and the Povertarians, then the people end up in burning garbage dumps lucky if they don't end up fried to cinders. And where oh where is Ethanol? On vacation, as usual.

Dead "bums"? If you're a Povertarian it's good for business. If you're one of the Povertarians' projects, then Hell starts a little early.

Dag said...

I'm wondering about the homeless man: if he was banned from the Carnegie Centre, did he have any idea why, or was it simply an arbitrary whim on the part of the staff and management to toss him out and have him burn to death in an alley?

What next? Will they start spreading false rumors about this fellow the way they did to William Simpson? Why the smear job? What's the good of attacking a homeless man, especially when he's as down as one can get?

Don't the Povertarians make enough money from the suffering of the poor as it is? Do they have to make a big scene from a poor guy burning to death in an alley too?

You watch: When Simpson dies, you'll find the Povertarians out in front of the television cameras demanding more money and power to "save the poor" so this kind of thing doesn't happen again. We'll bury Simpson; and the Povertarians will just keep on keeping on, burying him as well. The Povertarians might even forget what they've done to him and come up with lots of lovely stories about what a great guy he was, maybe they'll even pass out teddy bears and weep a bit for the crowd. But what lies do they tell now?

What about Rachel Davis, the one person who tried to do something positive? She's ganged-up on and smeared like Simpson. Why the lies?

Do Ethanol and her lot have a hidden agenda? What is it? And why are they doing all this to homeless people? What's in it for them?