Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woman Reportedly Tied Up and Thrown Out Window of Cobalt Hotel

A man who has for years lived on the fourth floor of the Cobalt -- his window is in the top row of windows in the photo above taken from the back of the Cobalt -- says the word is that a woman was tied up and thrown out a fourth floor window. The man, who mentioned the incident while having coffee with friends at Carnegie on Monday, says it happened just a few doors down from his room.

"There were detectives around so I knew something had happened," he said. Police came to his door and asked if he had heard "anything unusual". He had been sitting in his room wearing earphones and told them he hadn't heard anything.

Later he remembered something though. He had "heard a cat screaming like somebody was trying to kill it". So he had looked out his door and a cat came out of a room down the hall and seemed ok.

He thinks the woman who supposedly died was in her thirties with red hair. He had the impression that she hadn't been getting along with other residents of the building, although he doesn't mix much with the other residents because he is not into drugs (just beer). The residents, some of whom move into the Cobalt straight out of jail, had allegedly been fighting over drugs. The word is that the woman had "ripped somebody off" for drugs but he doubts that's true because, "she wouldn't have come back to the building."

He had seen the woman on a previous occasion lying in the hallway with the paramedics over her.

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Dag said...

People can get used to anything, including murder. Life, regardless of what it is, can become "normalized." I recall an anecdote of a young girl at her grandfather's funeral: she saw him being buried, and she asked her relatives why he was being buried alone." She had just come from a Nazi death camp where bodies were buried en masse. To her, it was normal that people were murdered and bulldozed in heaps into the ground.

Living among insane criminals can be normal too if one refuses to live beyond the confines of ones immediate environment. It needn't be normal. One has only to think it through at the easiest and most banal level to see that the Death Hippies have made conditions of hellishness the norm for those who might always be marginal but who are now so far beyond Human decency that only those in such a filthy fish-bowl aren't recoiling in disgust at the look at it. It might be normal, but it needn't be so. That's a personal choice.