Wednesday, September 24, 2008


September 24th is Raise-A-Reader Day.

This reader was snapped today on the 6th floor of the Vancouver Public Library Central Branch on Robson St.

Who's he reading? Karl Popper, who wrote that Plato was the first fascist.


Anonymous said...

"This reader"?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, if I hadn't recognized him from his jacket, I'd recognize him from his reading material!

Dag said...

Karl Popper wrote two volumes of philosophical critique during World War Two on Plato (vol. 1.) and Hegel and Marx (vol. 2.) titled The Open Society and its Enemies.

If for some reason you think Plato is a good guy, there are many who will explain and show from the primary texts that such is a misinformed opinion. I'd be willing to do that. Plato ain't your friend, and people who carry out his schemes in this day and age ain't your friends either. If you'd like to discus why, then think of sitting in for coffee at Mc D. on Main st. this Sunday afternoon and we can talk about it. I'll be there around 1:00, and I'm usually happy to chat.