Friday, October 17, 2008

Man Stabbed in Eye at Savoy Pub

Photo above: A Vancouver Police officer guards the door of the Savoy Pub this afternoon.

A man was reportedly stabbed in the eye this afternoon at the Savoy Pub on Hasting St., just east of Main & Hastings.

According to a witness, police took everybody out of the pub, stopping traffic to get them across the street to the police station for questioning.

The Savoy Pub is close to Main & Hastings, seen in the background.

Photo above: Vancouver Police officer guarding door of Savoy Pub this afternoon chats with a passerby. He was turning people away as they arrived to enter the pub.


Chilled said...

Cop must be the man extraordinair when it comes to PR. I would have told those who stopped to keep moving and get the fuck off the street. Hey, but that is just me.

Dag said...

There's a point to seeing people hurt: it shows that the same can happen to you, and maybe you don't want that to happen, and maybe you'll behave in such a way it won't. Steven Pinker, the Evolutionary Biologist, writes of this in one of his books from the 90s, about why people have so many nerves that send pain signals when really only a few would suffice. If you're in pain, you certainly know it, and more pain is pretty much redundant. Pinker points out the leason learned isn't for Grok who gets eaten by a dinosaur, it being way too late for him anyway; the lesson in hearing Grok screaming as the dinosaur eats him is to send a message to the community at large that they too will scream like that if they let dinosaur get too close. So it is with journalism: it might seem like voyeurism to some, if some don't think it through. For the rest, it's a life lesson to learn quickly and effectively. For others, it might well be a way of finding out that something happened to someone who matters rather than it being a nothing event no one cares about. It might be important to know that things like this go on so one can express some human sympathy for the victim. And so on.