Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Car 87" Abuse Raised by Mayoral Candidate for the First Time in a Vancouver Election

Soviet-style political psychiatry practiced in Vancouver has been attracting attention internationally but I’d never heard it mentioned by a candidate in the civic election campaign. Until Monday. At an All Candidates meeting in the theater of Carnegie Center, Independent mayoral candidate Golok Buday (pictured above in black cap), said:

“Car 87 forces it’s drugs on you and forces you to go places based on arbitrary political reasons. And I think that should be acknowledged.”

Car 87 is a police car, carrying an armed police officer and a psychiatric nurse. There is a stockpile of documented evidence that it is being used by the Vancouver School Board and other organizations to smear critics. Politically vocal people against whom no evidence of wrongdoing can be found too often find Car 87 arriving at their homes to assess them for “apprehension” to a mental hospital.

Vision Council candidate Andrea Reimer (on left in above photo), who took Al Gore’s training program to become a presenter of his “An Inconvenient Truth” seminar, didn’t look up when Buday mentioned Car 87 civil liberties abuses. But an inconvenient truth is that Reimer has been implicated in a cover-up involving fraud of Car 87 abuses while on Vancouver School Board in 2003

The alleged cover-up came after several adults had independently lodged complaints about a verbally and physically abusive teacher. VSB sent Car 87 to the home of the last complainant, identifying the fact that she had made “freedom of information requests” as the official reason. The only evidence they turned over to Car 87 to be used against her, though, was a document indicating that she intended to campaign about their mishandling of bullying complaints in a School Board election. Police-School Liaison, Sergeant Garry Lester, admitted that the Vancouver School Board had pressured him to send Car 87 to the woman’s home even after he had emphasized to them that there was “nothing untoward” about her conduct.

How did Reimer and her colleagues address this Car 87 visit arranged by the VSB under fraudulent pretenses? With more fraud, says the victim. Reimer and her fellow elected School Board trustees arranged for an “in camera” review of the case, which they conveniently concealed from the victim. They invited a primary offender in this case of criminal wrongdoing to brief them. He re-offended. He fabricated claims such as that the teacher didn’t actually work for the VSB when her abuses occurred. This cover-up has contributed to the international boycott of VSB diplomas organized by Canadians Opposing Political Psychiatry.

The use of in-camera meetings by elected officials in Vancouver to ensure secrecy was mentioned at the All Candidates meeting by mayoral candidate Betty Krawczyk (in top photo wearing yellow scarf) of the Work Less party. “When they have something important to do, they do it in camera.”. Krawczyk told the audience that she had moved to Canada from the U.S. because she was opposed to the Vietnam war. “Every year I’ve been here, there’s less democracy”.

Krawczyk was referring to what others had said earlier. Nicholai, an audience member, had said, “When I arrived in Canada as a political refugee, the democracy I expected was not so much in place.” Buday had added, “My father is a refugee from Hungary and he told me that Canada was less of a democracy than his family expected too.” But by being the first politician in Vancouver to mention the use of Car 87 as a political tool, he has moved us a step toward more democracy.
Who's Who in the above photographs?
Top photo: (left to right) Ellen Woodsworth, COPE councillor candidate; Mark Emery, mayoral candidate; Golok Buday, Independent mayoral candidate; Betty Krawczyk, Work Less Party mayor candidate; Lea Johnson, Independent councillor candidate
Bottom photo: (left to right): Andrea Reimer, Vision councillor candidate; Michael Geller, NPA councillor candidate; Ivan Doumenc, Work Less Party candidate for Park Commissioner; Jamie Lee Hamilton, Independent candidate for Park Commissioner; [name unknown] Work Less Party; Geri Tramutola, Work Less Party councillor candidate.


Anonymous said...

Krawczyk should be deported immediately. Let her go home an protest her own countries indiscretions. For the most part, Krawczyk is a loud mouthed idiot in need of the spotlight. I've often thought she might be Jack Laytons mother.

Dag said...

I don't get it. Why didn't they call a bathroom break for those people? It's embarrassing to see them all holding them selves like that. Just go. Lord, how will they serve the city if they can't organize short trips to the toilet?

reliable sources said...

"Jack Layton's mother." That's funny. They do have a similar style.

Krawczyk says in her profile in the Voters Guide that she's 80 years old. She's sharp; she doesn't miss a thing. Maybe when I'm 80, I'll run for mayor.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you are too kind, and in this I mean being the first quote me on this issue. Better coverage then usuall, I have been bringing this up as an issue since 2002. Campaign wise, before that at least since 2001, and perhaps before that.
I was angry at the low turnout, 75% of ballots wasted, but maybe I will be back in 2011 after all to bring this issue up and fight again for the oppressed.
I am considering the West End race.


Gölök Zoltán Buday
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"There is no such "condition" as "Schizophrenia," but the label is a social fact and the social fact a political event*" -- M. Dr. Ron D. Laing, "The Politics of Experience;" Ch.5 "The Schizophrenic Experience" Pg. 121/122.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to contact you, but this may be useful, I am still up for comment:
Dedicated health staff works hard in Downtown Eastside
The Province - Vancouver,BC,Canada
We have worked hard in recent years to reach clients through many programs
and services such as the Strathcona Mental Health Team, the Urgent Response
Team, ...

What BUNK!

Best Wishes,

Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco-Assisi Buday
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reliable sources said...


Thanks for the link. I had skimmed that article and was wondering if I could still find a copy.

I was thinking just the other day of Maureen Whyte's uncritical praise of the Strathcona Mental Health Team in that article. She was misleading the public considering that evidence of the role of the Strathcona Mental Health Team in criminal use of Car 87 and disregard for patient confidentiality in the Downtown Eastside has yet to be investigated. A woman who lived near Columbia & Powell with her young daughter in the DTES had to flee the country due to harassment by the Strathcona Mental Health Team; she has been doing fine ever since in Arizona. Even the international boycott of Vancouver School Board diplomas can be traced to the conduct of Strathcona mental heath nurse Don Getz.

But Whyte will never let the facts interfere with her pr game.

I'm concerned that Whyte could get promoted now that Director Ida Goodreau -- who is implicated in criminal activity (voice mail tapes exist) to suppress Strathcona Mental Health Team abuse -- has announced her departure from Coastal Health. Some of this material can be brought out in the upcoming provincial election.

Again, thanks for the link.

gzlfb said...

Your welcome, I am now the MindFreedom Vancouver, BC Affiliate and it has a Facebook page currently. I would also be happy to advocate for people seeking release. Like those little Kangaroo Court of Appeals they hold:
A few more likers and it should have a user name.
Wow, almost 3 years.

Oh they seemed to have changed the laws since 2005, took warrants out of the Mental Health Act. I could puke, on the up side they have plain language forms.
I will continue to advocate when I can like when I am not stuck petitioning for ballot access. Haha.

Mad Pride!


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gzlfb said...

Rather scary, Eby being a BCCLA leader, in this case.