Wednesday, November 12, 2008

NPA Promises "Mobile Foot Washing" on Vancouver Streets

Photo: All Candidates Meeting at Carnegie Centre on Monday (left to right) Raj Hundal, Vision Parks Board candidate; Andrea Reimer, Vision Council candidate; Michael Geller, NPA Council candidate; Leanore Copeland, NPA Council candidate

Leanore Copeland, NPA candidate for Vancouver City Council, reminded the audience at an All Candidates meeting in the Carnegie Center theater on Monday that she is a "human being and a citizen". And she recognizes that people need "clean feet, clean socks, and clean shoes".

She has been working with unions and other organizations, she said, to bring "mobile foot washing" to the streets of Vancouver. People would be given "clean socks and clean shoes twice a year".

I don't know about you, but I want New Balance. I saw an article on the front page of the National Post about a prisoner doing life in Canada for triple murder and he got New Balance runners. He claimed he had injured himself when deprived of New Balance and the soft landing they provide.

NPA. A soft landing.


Dag said...

WOW! Clean socks twice a year. I wonder if the opposition is promising a box of cheap vino twice a year. That would make it a pretty hard call for me.

truepeers said...

Laugh if you must Dag. But perhaps the latest word from the lawyers is that the City could be sued in "Human rights" tribunal if it doesn't provide its least privileged the chance to rehabilitate themselves. (HT: Blazing Cat Fur)

Dag said...

"Give me liberty or give me clean socks!"

This is the sort of thing, I do believe, that sends the sensitive thinking person to the arms of a conservative Christian church.

No doubt there are myriad "smart" people who will have not a clue of what I speak, and woe is them.

Shoes! Socks! My life for a hand-out.

There are too many people who listen to or watch Richard III laying defeated on the battlefield and who think when they hear him that he wants to get away from the hated English. It's telling. Richard wants the horse, if one has paid any attention, so he can get back up and charge at the bastards.

When the committee selected a man to represent Patrick Henry to model for the sculptor, they picked the best-looking guy they could find among the students at Yale.

All of us are fallen. We all might try to be better. That will never be the best, not god-like. We fool ourselves in thinking we can be gods. That kind of hubris even eluded the most outrageous Greek tragic figures, who wouldn't have dared so much, not even Achilles. And of the gods who tried to do more, they were punished, like Sisyphus and Prometheus. Man ha his liberty, and it is worth dying for. But man has his limits, which are plain in the statue of Patrick Henry. Even the ideal man is just a student from among many.

Patrick Henry, Richard III, it all depends on what kind of men we are. Those who stoop for socks are not at all anything but defeated. Those who would pass out socks, those are the worst of all men.

Murder by bathos. Foot bathos. Gnostic lunacy and evil I have never seen the like of.

Dag said...

I see that with all the bottles of water on the table it makes clear sense why most are standing with their hands placed as they are. I thought we'd see them all holding their noses instead.

reliable sources said...

Everybody at the event was given a free bottle of water, two mandarin oranges, and a voter's guide. These items were sitting on your chair when you arrived, which I thought was a nice touch. The event was organized by the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House.