Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Is this your son? I Told You to Come and Get Him.

He came back. Late Christmas night, turkey-stuffed Downtown Eastsiders meeting for hot chocolate at McDonalds at Terminal & Main St. spotted him. I had written about him previously in a Nov. 1 post, "Is this your son? Come and Get Him", when he dropped a needle on the floor in McDonalds.

When this addict-customer left on Christmas night, he dropped a five dollar bill which another male customer later picked up, saying, "There is a Santa Claus afterall."

Then the addict-customer returned to McDonalds a few minutes later on Christmas night and stood by the ketchup dispenser rummaging through his pockets. He asked the staff if they had found two CDs, but they hadn't.

Maybe that was his Christmas present.

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