Monday, December 29, 2008

Mission Possible Impossible during Holiday Season

William Simpson, a homeless man who frequents some of the free meal places on the Downtown Eastside, has this to say in an email about Mission Possible Compassionate Ministries Society which operates out of a storefront on Powell St.:
Mission Possible claims to be a 'relief' mission and sports a sandwich board that also claims they help break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, etc. The mission has closed for the past two holiday seasons since USA missionary Brian Postalwaite (sp) has taken the helm.

Hasn't the Xmas/New Year season traditionally been a suicidal time and the most needed time for pastoral care?


Dag said...

Who helps "The poor!" in this city and others like it? The Povertarian who gets on tv shouting and protesting about the lack of funding for his particular "social agency"? or the guy who gets on tv shouting and demonstrating about the Boxing Day sale he's got on at his shop?

Where is Simpson likely to get the best deal? From some guy who hands out a plate of something to eat-- donated by the guy who stays at work on Christmas Day to be open for Boxing Day? or from the guy who actually stays at work over the season to make some bucks for himself, his family, his community, and those who didn't make it all the way?

Some Povertarian goof spending my money on Simpson is a big deal different from the guy who works Christmas and spends his own (tax and charity) money on Simpson.

Anonymous said...

It isn't only Mission Possible that closes down during the holidays. Those that contribute funds to DTES organizations should make it a condition that they stay open during all holidays.