Friday, January 30, 2009

Car Crashes into Street Lamp at Main & National during Rush Hour

It was rush hour, about 4:45 p.m., when two cars were involved in an accident which saw one car collide with a street lamp.  The accident occurred kitty corner to Pacific Station, across from the Ivanhoe Hotel.  
This man stood by his car, often gazing at the dent.  But he was calm. 

The street at this corner has been dug up over the past few days; there are signs in the background that contruction work is still underway.  

Firemen in the above photos push the second car involved in the accident to a parking spot around the corner.  

A fire truck, ambulance, and police paddy wagon arrived almost simultaneously, but I didn't get the impression there were serious injuries. 

In the above photo, firemen push the second car involved in the accident to a spot around the corner.


Dag said...

You see? It's one more example of the government doing it all wrong. Why would they plant a street-lamp right in front of a guy's car?

reliable sources said...

Look close, really really close, at the guy who got diverted into a street lamp .... it's Stephen Harper.

Dag said...

YOu're right! And that guy from the Liberal Party is hiding in the back seat giving him directions. It's OK now. We're all saved. Phew. For moment there I thought all these people were morons. Smashing cars into street-lamps is a public works project designed to get the economy moving again. Why didn't I see it all sooner?

I'm going rush right- boink