Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Gone Bad

A friend emailed me last week inviting me out for dinner on my birthday, Jan. 2. I responded with an email, "That would make for a happy birthday!"

But on my birthday, I emailed this friend and they acted as though they didn't remember it was my birthday. I eventually prompted them, "Wish me a happy birthday!" They wrote back, "Happy birthday, and many happy repeats of same." They didn't mention their invitation to take me out to dinner and seemed to be hoping that I would conveniently forget the invitation. It was awful.

I wished I had known in advance so that I could have made other plans.

Late in the evening, this friend suggested we go to Waves for hot chocolate. At Waves, I tried doing what the Waves public relations person (I believe it was a Waves pr person who left a comment on a previous post about hot chocolate) suggested doing to ensure the hot chocolate was hot: get the cold whipped cream on the side. But the hot chocolate was still not hot, just warm. I only drank half of it.

I will never again trust Waves hot chocolate.


Dag said...

With an attitude like that, your lucky you have any friends at all.

Rachel Davis said...

Anyone is lucky to have any friends.
Sorry you had a bad time on your birthday. I usually have a pretty bad time on my birthday too. It seems to be a day where one's expectations are never met. I will try to remember this date, and though I cannot take you out for dinner because I don't know you, I will wish you well, and thank your creators in my heart for helping you to be on this earth in this form that can write and who cares. Thanks for being here.

reliable sources said...


Thank you for your kind words.

I think Ms. Manners' take on this Birthday Gone Bad would be that if an invitation can't be honored, the invited person should be notified, given an apology, and allowed time to make other plans.

Rachel Davis said...

I would guess Miss Manners is not this person's favorite columnist! Perhaps this person ran out of money and was too embarrassed to admit as much...hope it all works out!