Friday, January 9, 2009

Speeding Driver Loses Lottery

High speed appears to have been a factor in a two car accident beside the Shell station at Main & 2nd Ave. at about 11:00 p.m. Thursday night.

“They were definitely going fast, very fast”, said Gafar, the cashier inside the Shell station who was serving a customer when he heard the crash. It is unclear whether both vehicles were traveling at high speed though.

“They had to cut him out,” Gafar said, pointing to the open flap on the hood of the red car which lay on its side.

Gafar said he overheard one of the cops say, “We were looking for him.”

Gafar said there wasn't just one noise upon impact but a long sequence of loud noises. “I heard ‘Pow!, Pow!, Pow!, Pow!, Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!” Gafar estimated that these noises had continued “for one or two minutes”. He asked his customer what had happened. The customer’s first response was, “Maybe the bus crashed.” But Gafar said they soon realized that the cars were right outside the window of the store.

“They were both unconscious,” said Gafar, who saw one victim removed from the red car on it’s side and another removed from a black car sitting right side up a few meters up the street.

Gafar asked one of the cops about the victim in the red car. “Is he dead?” The cop responded, “We’re working on him.”

Gafar said the accident could have been much worse. He pointed to the gas tanks outside the convenience store where there is a constant flow of people driving or walking through.

Gafar, an immigrant who speaks competent English, emphasized that it was his impression that there had been a "chase" going on when the accident occurred.

A male bystander said, "I think one of the wheels on the car is missing."


Dag said...

I think it's Stephen Pinker who writes of Grog the Caveman being eaten by a dinosaur, and in the process Grog's screaming really loudly. Pinker asks why all the pain? Why doesn't Grog's body just focus on shutting down and dying? Pinker's response is that it's not about Grog at all but about careless guy giving a communal message to others that one is really smart to avoid being eaten by dinosaurs.

Dag said...

Or: You see a few photos like those above and think: "Gee, I wouldn't want to end up like that myself. It's like watching a guy being eaten by a dinosaur. I wouldn't want that to happen to me either."

And all this time I thought you were nothing but a ghoulish voyeur. Now I know better. Sometimes a photo is worth a thousand boring lectures.

Dag said...

Bill Simpson, homeless guy, was banned from the city-run, city financed Carnegie Centre for "linking" to this blog. Tax-payers of this city have no idea of what goes on at Carnegie Centre, it's fairly certain, unless they come to this blog and others like it. They certainly won't find out about Simpson in the Carnegie newsletter, published by Paul Beria, administered by Ethanol, and supported by Jean Swanson. If one cares to find out how the Carnegie Centre is run, or mis-run, the Internet is where to find out. Not the newspaper. Not the newsletter. Not from Bob Sarti, fired, as I understnd it, from the newspaper. And the newspaper itself as a medium? Here's another in a long line of newspaper stories that show pretty clearly that blogs are not going to stop of their own accord, and that Ethanol and Beria and the gang of Povertarians who rule over the homeless and distraught in Vancouver at least, cannot stop them either. The news is changing daily, and so is the media: Welcome to the universe of Blogs. You can't stop 'em, and you can't ban everyone.

Rick Moran

Another venerable newspaper appears about ready to shut its doors. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has been given 60 days by its owner, The Hearst Corporation, to be sold. Otherwise, the paper will shut down and exist as an on-line entity only:

If it does become an Internet-only operation, the P-I, as the paper is known locally, would have a "greatly reduced staff," Hearst said in a statement. Hearst is a major media company that also owns TV stations, other newspapers and magazines including Cosmopolitan.

"In no case will Hearst continue to publish the P-I in printed form" once the 60 days are up, Hearst said. Steve Swartz, the head of Hearst's newspaper division, broke the news to employees in a meeting Friday.

Seattle is one of two major cities on the verge of losing its second daily newspaper as the industry tries to pull out of a tailspin brought on by falling circulation and advertising revenue. Denver's Rocky Mountain News recently put itself up for sale in the face of steep losses and could close if a buyer isn't found soon.

The Seattle PI is the oldest newspaper in the city. And it appears that this recession may indeed bring the era of the printed newspaper close to an end - not unless news consumers would be ready to pony up and pay $2 a day for something they can easily find online for free.

Full story at American Thinker. On-line. It's free.

Remember, you read it here first.

Dag said...

Even those who love group-think, the totalitarian crowd who fear and hate individualism, who demand complete conformity to the party line, who weep copious tear over their particular "issue," who sob uncontrollable waves of salty waters over social injustice that only requires more funding to manage expertly, those who "manage" the "community" and who hate the individual persons who comprise communities, even the worst Leftist police-state thug can have his or her own blog. Yes, and they can all read each other's words and extol each others Leftard brilliance. Go for it. They might even manage to get their blogs funded by the tax-payer, the one thing the Leftist thought police excel at. Go for that too. Go for it, because newspapers are on the way out. Allow me to suggest a title: "Group-Think Times." Leftards will love blogging. It's so simple to ban comments that one needn't even do it manually. Just don't allow them in the first place. Or place a filter over those one doesn't want commenting. I ban some mentally ill commentators on occasion. I'm not like the usual Leftard, I do it as a service to my readers, they not wanting to plough through pages of stupid shit. But for the Leftard, the professional censor, it's an ideal medium. Ban away.

But don't go trying to ban Bill Simpson for "linking to a blog." That ends up on blogs. People find out. Leftards show themselves to the public to be the fascist arseholes they deeply and truly are-- via blogs.You won't read about Simpson in the Globe and Mail. In fact, sooner or later, you won't find out anything from the G&M.

Globe warns of impending staff layoffs

First in over 25 years

Grant Surridge, Financial Post Published: Saturday, January 10, 2009

Peter J. Thompson, National Post Files

Phillip Crawley, publisher of the Globe and Mail, said a sharp downturn in print advertising will likely result in layoffs or buyouts involving between 80 and 90 people throughout the 800-employee ...

Management aims to eliminate between 80 and 90 positions through the entire organization, which employs about 800 people.

Last November, the Globe's parent company, CTVglobemedia Inc., said it would cut 105 employees across its television properties and warned of further spending cuts.


I've been promoting for a number of years now a slogan I hope many will now use more frequently:

"You are the Media."

reliable sources said...


"You are the media." I like that.

Amazing how many mainstream papers are in trouble. I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't drawn my attention to it.

Correction: Bob Sarti wasn't fired as a reporter at the Vancouver Sun. When he left the Sun a couple of years ago, I believe he voluntarily retired. He had a health problem, I heard.

Early in Sarti's career though, the Sun apparently did try to get rid of him because they considered him too far left. I heard they treated him like persona non grata and didn't assign him stories in an attempt to embarrass him into quitting.

Sarti was embarrassing himself though at the end of his career. Shortly before he retired, he was twice seen chasing a suspected blogger inside Carnegie Center, yelling, "Tattle tale Queen of the Carnegie! Tattle tale Queen of the Carnegie!".

And Sarti was on the Carnegie Board when they were complicit in banning the suspected blogger from the building. Sarti was credited in the Carnegie newsletter as having outed the blogger. It turned out they had the wrong guy.

The fact that a journalist for a major paper would be so threatened by blogging amazed me. But the world as these journalists knew it is slipping away. Now that Sarti has had time to adjust to the new media world, I think he should act like a standup guy and arrange to have the ban of that suspected blogger lifted.

audreylaferriere said...

You might want to do a blog that there still is a lot of homeless that do not know that the First United Church Mission is now a 21 hour shelter. The shelter providers are not doing a very good job getting the word out. I emailed HEAT (Mayor Gregor) on December 23rd that each lamp standard in the City should have a poster advising of this needed shelter but never heard anything from him.
I was at the First United Shelter yesterday and was told that they had very little problems considering the 200 plus they look after each night.