Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Premier Campbell Accused of Pink Shirt Hypocrisy on Anti-Bullying Day

Photo: Christie Clark (centre)

Premier Gordon Campbell and CKNW talk show host Christie Clark may wish they had left their pink shirts in the closet as their own bullying baggage is dragged out along with the shirts. Campbell has declared Feb. 25 "Anti-Bullying Day" and announced he will support Clark's "Pink Shirt" campaign to oppose bullying campaign by wearing a pink shirt today.

"The pink shirts are a gimmick", according to a press release by Canadians Opposing Political Psychiatry [COPP], while the actual record of Campbelll and Clark indicates that bullying tactics are well within their comfort zone.

Both Campbell and Clark, former BC Education Minister, are accused by COPP of having looked the other way when informed in writing that provincial dollars were being used to finance illegal criminal harassment, fraud, and "political psychiatry" tactics to ensure that "Bullying Complaints Go Nowhere." The political psychiatry tactics, in particular, have resulted in an international boycott of diplomas issued by the Vancouver School Board, a fact that Campbell has been keeping under his hat.

But COPP was not the first to sound alarms. As early as the fall of 2002, Reggi Balabanov, outgoing President of the BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils with whom Clark would have been familiar, mentioned in a Vancouver Sun interview that intimidation tactics were being used against citizens pursuing bullying complaints with school administrators. Balabanov said complainants were finding themselves the focus of police visits to their homes and that this had put a "chill" on the willingness of citizens to pursue complaints.

The boycott was triggered by the case of a Vancouver woman -- she lived on the Downtown Eastside at the time but has since moved -- who COPP claims became the target of political psychiatry by VSB bureaucrats using Coastal Health Authority resources. She became a target almost immediately after informing the VSB in writing that she intended to campaign in an upcoming election about their mishandling of bullying complaints. The VSB-School Liaison would later admit in a taped telephone call that he had emphasized to the VSB that there was "nothing untoward" about this woman's letter, but they nonetheless used it as the sole basis for arranging to have her assessed for "apprehension" to a mental hospital. The nurse, Don Getz, who arrived unannounced at her home to perform the assessment was, incidentally, wearing a pink t-shirt. (For a more extensive account of the political psychiatry tactics employed, click on boycott.)

The bullying worked. The woman was sufficiently terrorized that she did not campaign on the bullying issue in the election.

The provincially-funded political psychiatry that ultimately led to the boycott was brought to the attention of Premier Campbell in a letter addressed to him and hand-delivered to his office. He did not respond.

The full range of evidence of a criminal level of bullying by provincial government staff to aid the VSB in deterring bullying complainants must be investigated if Campbell is committed to the slogan, "Bullying Stops Here." And it must be investigated if the international boycott of diplomas issued by the Vancouver School Board is to be lifted. But as COPP points out, "It's going to take more than putting on a pink shirt."


Chilled said...

Bullying within school boards is alive and well, I know first hand. Conform or be cast out.

Anonymous said...

Lest you think our intel about Liz Evans’ micro - Gulag and mentally disabled sex slave is outlandish please consider this article in the Globe and Mail:

Disabled man tortured for weeks in Hamilton house of horrors


From Thursday's Globe and Mail

February 19, 2009 at 12:30 AM EST

HAMILTON — Insects cover the walls and a horrible stench fills the air inside the Hamilton apartment where for more than three weeks a 22-year-old man, described by police as trusting and vulnerable, was held captive, beaten, burned and sexually abused.

The man was said to be near death when a chance discovery by police led to his rescue Sunday. He had allegedly been lured to this third-floor apartment in Hamilton's Corktown neighbourhood in January.

The apartment was shared by three people, 30-year-old Stanley Brown, his 20-year old girlfriend Dakota Thompson, and 22-year-old Nathaniel Jug. It's not known whether they knew the victim.

He was allegedly brought there, tied up and held against his will while he was robbed and abused. The only apparent motive, according to Hamilton police Superintendent Bill Stewart, was sadism.

“He was tortured,” Supt. Stewart said. “It was very disturbing, very disgusting.”

Supt. Stewart said the victim has a mental disability, but lives on his own.

His disappearance went unreported. While he was held, his captors also allegedly forced him to turn over his banking information and withdrew money from his account.

It was only when police responded to a 911 call made by the alleged kidnappers that they stumbled upon the larger crime.

Amiee Morin, who lives in the apartment downstairs, was at home Friday night when she heard loud thumping noises coming from above.

“I heard ‘Help, Help. Ow, that hurts,' ” she said yesterday. She yelled through the door, asking them to keep quiet, but they didn't take kindly to her request.

“He threatened to tie me up and beat me,” she said.

It was a far cry from the neighbours who seemed nice enough when they moved in last summer. The group even shared drinks on New Year's Eve, but the upstairs neighbours stopped coming around in January, Ms. Morin said. Mr. Brown and Ms. Thompson had recently tried to look more Goth, dying their hair black, she said, but their look wasn't as authentic as that of their friend, Mr. Jug.

Mr. Brown eventually apologized for the noise, explaining that he and his friend were in training to join the Ultimate Fighting Championships martial arts circuit. This seemed preposterous to Ms. Morin, who described them as small.

When her ex-boyfriend got home he was furious to hear of the threats, and stormed upstairs. He broke a window and the police were called.

When they arrived the officers asked permission to enter the apartment, where they found the 22-year-old victim in obvious distress, hidden away inside a closet or crawl space.

Doctors later said that his blood was so toxic that he was days away from death, but police could not explain the source of that toxicity. He also had burns and wounds covering much of his body, as well as a fractured skull. He is recovering in hospital and has been reunited with his family.

Supt. Stewart said police seized some of the devices alleged to have been used in his torture, but would not elaborate. Neighbours said a police forensic team emerged carrying dozens of brown evidence bags over the weekend but couldn't say what they contained.

The apartment was still filthy yesterday, as old clothes and a dirty mattress covered the floor. Empty bottles of whisky and a Winnie the Pooh doll were among the odd assortment of possessions sprinkled throughout the space, as were old videos, including Scream Three, Ace Ventura and Star Trek: Nemesis, foot powder, bleach and hydrogen peroxide.

A dog-eared notebook contained a list of house rules, which included: Do not touch anything without permission, no overnights – checkout time is 11 pm, if you visit you come alone, and a set of special “toking rules,” which said, “Do not ask. If we are going to share, you will know.”

The linoleum floors were barely visible beneath the dirt and detritus, and the blades of the ceiling fan were encased in dust.

Landlord Lindsay Galbraith said he was surprised by the mess, but left his tenants alone because they paid rent on time.

“I knew they were odd,” he said. “Personally, I found them intriguing, fascinating, interesting. I think they were eccentric. I think they were into the Goth thing. They weren't maniacal kids.”

Dorian Pollard, a neighbour who lives on the first floor, said he doesn't think any of the three were employed, and that they got their income from a single disability cheque.

They came and went at odd hours, climbing the rickety fire escape outside his apartment.

“I never expected this. When I first met them I thought they were clean-cut kids,” he said. He described them as being “almost preppy.” They had expensive haircuts that were constantly changing, and always dressed well.

“This just makes me sick. I've been nauseous ever since,” he said.

Mr. Brown, Ms. Thompson and Mr. Jug, along with a 17-year-old male who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, are charged with aggravated assault, forcible confinement, aggravated sexual assault, robbery and threatening death.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask questions, don't think, have blind faith in the Povertarians.

Are we not in a Democracy? Is this China or Russia? Why must anyone who asks legitimate questions of the Povertarians prepare to defend themselves against spurious legal challenges, organized smear campaigns, or conscripted bands of junkie vigilantes? Why the strong arm tactics to encourage journalists to self sensor?

If the Portland Housing Society absolutely refuses to open it’s books to the people’s inspection why shouldn't we assume that this is another Bingogate, FastCat Fiasco, or Four Corners Bank? Why shouldn't the people demand these champagne socialists give account about their activities in the Ghetto? Why not follow the money?

Why exalt the ├╝ber English Mark Townsend and his blue blooded concubine Liz Evans and all the rest of the well paid, well heeled Povertarians who are erecting these terrible micro Gulags? What kind of sick political culture elevates fools into rich heroes? Why exchange slumlord for overlord? Why tolerate a system where pimp and pusher work in harmony with the psychiatric professional and social activist? As the broken down exiles of the madhouse sink lower and lower, many succumbing to the slow suicide of Government encouraged drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, and every other self destructive behavior, Tommy Douglas' dream of total eugenics is realized. Oh triumphant Left capitalizing and profiting from human misery! Before prisoners at Dachau were gassed everyone was given a towel and a piece of soap, as though they were about to take a shower. No hint was ever given that they were to be executed. Remember that in the new Portland showers or the next time you get a free crack kit or inject a syringe of poison...

Don't ask questions, don't think, have blind faith in the Povertarians.