Monday, March 30, 2009

Driverless Car on Vancouver Street

Last week a guy from Burnaby who often uses services on the Downtown Eastside, reported what he had seen while on a bus on Broadway near Main.  He looked out the window and saw a car with no driver barrelling down the street alongside the bus.  He believes the bus was in the vicinity of Main & Broadway at the time.

One of the Downtown Eastsiders he told was later listening to Coast to Coast radio, either that night or the next.  A guy phoned in to report that he had been driving down the road and looked at the car travelling in the lane next to him, and it had no driver.  The Downtown Eastsider didn't catch what city the guy was calling from.  But he was laughing about it yesterday.

The guy who saw the driverless car on Broadway wonders if the window had been covered with a photograph of the inside of the car and the steering wheel, to deceive onlookers.  But the Coast to Coast listener doesn't believe a photograph would be that convincing.  "He's just looking for an explanation 'cause he can't believe what he saw."

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