Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Sleeper

Thornton Park, Sept. 30, 2009


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Last year in early November I was walking around the downtown eastside as part of normal routine, and couldn't help but notice the poverty and hopelessness that seem to be rampant on every corner of this the poorest part of our lovely city. I myself have suffered in the past from addiction and temporary homeless conditions. After a few days of feeling inspired I decided to carry a camera with me and started to document what I saw for the next two week's I gathered together a archive of photo's and with the help of a friend we produced a video which we aptly named THE OLYMPICS' TOOK MY HOME This video is currently hosted on over fifty websites throughout the world. I also started a WEBSITE called '' WHO NEW'' Today I'm so looking forward to the coming event's surrounding the Olympics' and the plight of this neighborhood Here is the link to this video and as well to 20 other's we have taken

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Rachel Davis has left a new comment on your post "Fall Sleeper":

I sure wish Bill Simpson would take note of these paraGraphs I found in an article about ICBC usinG facebook to Gather Evidence on a woman. Here is the link to the whole article....

c'mon Bill, let's meet at the "LivinG Room of the Downtown Eastside", I know the room mates are bossy, but hey, the food is cheap...


In a another recent judgment that illustrates the developing law involving the Internet, the B.C. Court of Appeal concluded, in a split 2-1 decision, that there could be no damages arising for defamation because of hyperlinks to defamatory material on a person's website.

The judges unanimously agreed that merely creating a hyperlink to a website does not make the person creating the hyperlink a publisher of defamatory materials contained at the hyperlinked site.

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Sorry, I accidentally erased your comment when I was editing mine. So I re-posted it.

Thanks for passing along the link to the Sun article. I found it interesting.

You're right, Bill Simpson should read it; it does bolster his case against the City for barring him from Carnegie Centre for operating a website with a link to a blog that criticized Carnegie staff.

Thanks again for the link. It's good to have that information.