Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Make Hypocrites History

U2 is in Vancouver, playing GM Place tonight.

U2's lead singer, Bono, is probably as well known for trotting around the globe pushing a 'Make Poverty History" agenda

Rex Murphy, a CBC commentator and author, was being interviewed on CFUN radio earlier this week and mentioned Bono coming to Vancouver. Bono likes to go to gatherings of world leaders, Murphy said, and he likes to get his photo taken with any given world leader he is pressing to commit more money to making poverty history. Murphy pointed out that lately Bono has been insisting that the Irish government increase their contributions to the UNICEF children's fund, while he has moved his company from Ireland to Switzerland to avoid taxes.


reliable sources said...

I was walking down Main St. last night at about 9:30 p.m. and I could hear the concert at GM Place. they must be louder than most bands.

vancouver mark said...

I have little doubt that when the AntiChrist rises, Bono will be sitting at his side, nodding, smiling, singing "one life, one heart, one world, one mind" and "we've finally found what we're looking for," etc.

I'm sure they'll do some killer concerts together, for a while at least...

Anonymous said...

Bono (and U2 as a whole) is not progressive, not charitable, not compassionate.

They are business people. Bono uses fame to meet government leaders, which breeds more fame. He asks those leaders to spend other people's money (taxes) on (mostly African) charities. This makes U2 look good, but it's all just to sell more records, which makes them richer business people.

And U2 moved their business to the Netherlands from Ireland to avoid Irish taxes. Taxes which would have supported Irish people's public services.

If they want to support Africa, they could have moved their business to an African country. But, they don't want to support Africa, or anyone but themselves.

No, they want you to support them.

Anonymous said...

Yes the show certainly helped him relieve his own poverty.
And enriched the ears of all around.
Just like any other successful sermon.