Monday, November 9, 2009

National Post Runs Full-Page Ad Against Radical Islam

I think it was a turning point. The Fort Hood massacre allegedly perpetrated by a Muslim who got promoted inside the U.S. Army, while advocating the death of "infidels". I think we're going to see more people and organizations in Canada and the U.S. becoming less tolerant of intolerant Islam.

This full page ad appeared in today's (Nov. 9/09) National Post. I saw it when Vancouver blogger truepeers posted it at Covenant Zone blogspot, but he found it on Blazing Cat Fur.

Later in the day, as I walked into Save on Foods, I picked up a National Post to see this ad for myself. I found it. It was on the back page of the first section.


marpole moi said...

Nothing like a little hate literature with my morning coffee.

reliable sources said...

This ad is not hate literature. It raises awareness about promoters of hate.

marpole moi said...

"Radical Islam" promotes hate, sure.
But so do "Radical Christianity" and "Radical Judaism."

Fear them ALL or embrace them all. Singling one out and targeting them while excusing or advocating for the others? Hate literature, as I said.

reliable sources said...

What is as dangerous as radical Islam is the cultural relativism you are obviously practicing, and which has tended to protect radical Islamists in the West.

As writer Hirsi Ali,who was raised under Islam and had her genitals sliced off, points out, Christianity and Judaism have largely rejected the most dangerous teachings. Islam, she says, has not gone through the same reforms and is bent on pushing us all back to the seventh century.

Ali needs security guards in the U.S. because she spoke out against Islam. I don't recall the last time a Christian or Jew put out a fatwah (an order to kill) on somebody who criticized them.

truepeers said...

We're all resentful (and loving) to some degree. It's an inescapable part of human nature given that human consciousness is structured by desire and alienation from what we hold sacred. So one should always be wary of the person who pretends to be above all that in some self-righteous arrogance. Of course Christians and Jews have their resentments too. But that does not make us all the same. A sane person has to be able to make judgments about the degree and reasonableness of our resentments and loves and the things we do in attempts to mitigate them.

Anonymous said...

fight the hatred in your own heart
the rest of the world will take care of itself.

reliable sources said...


When Sharia law was being considered for Canada as a result of lobbying from Muslim leaders, a woman who had been raised in the middle east and had come to Canada to escape sharia law, helped organize a fight back. Men helped in that fight too by blogging etc. It is because of people like them, not people like you who assume that somebody else will "take care" of it, that we do not have sharia law in Canada. least not officially. We did find four women at the bottom of the Rideau Canal in Kingston.