Saturday, February 20, 2010

Homeground Festival provides Downtown Eastsiders with "No Media Zone" during Winter Olympics

A Downtown Eastsider took this photo of a woman on stilts standing in the crosswalk next to Oppenheimer Park today. The entertainer was at the Homeground Festival, an event to provide Downtown Eastsiders with "sanctuary" from the media during the Winter Olympics. There was a man at the festival taking video with a sign on his back saying, "Official Photographer", but there was also a sign up announcing, 'No Media Zone'.

I only stayed for a few minutes but I heard a woman singing, "Summer time and the livin's easy", and had a coffee. The singer was good and so was the coffee.


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i don't understand

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Watch this documentary called Streets of Plenty at this link below. The part about the InSite nurse helping to shoot up someone who'd never done heroin in their life before is harsh.
The street addicts themselves worked harder to dissuade this documenter from doing hard drugs than a Vancouver Coastal Health nurse did!!
I have it on good authority that Vancouver Coastal Health calls this film Evil, because it exposes their foolish religion of extreme harm reduction for what it is, a mis-guided psuedo cool expression of desperation. They want it squashed badly.

And this "Homeground Festival" supposedly providing a safe retreat from the media for DTES!!
What a joke! They mean it's a safe place for them to keep DTESer's away from the media!! Ethel Whitty thought this one up. It's so funny, all these millions of dollars going into DTES arts programs helping us "Find our Voices" but when the international media is in town, suddenly it becomes a terrible thing for us to be hounded into expressing ourselves!
Hypocrites, povertarians.
Thanks Ethel. I was so worried about international exposure, thanks for helping us keep our voices down!
Not to mention it being a convenient place to corral all the "unsavoury" types who might be less than picturesque. Brilliant. Keep those snapshots clear!