Monday, March 1, 2010

Olympic Finale: A Mob of Maple Leafers with Digital Cameras

I was in the crowd on Granville St. last night, the last night of the Olympics. Every few seconds, somebody would cheer in celebration of Canada's hockey win. I pointed out to my buddy that by the looks on the faces of many people walking by me, many weren't having that a great time. "Yeah," he said, "It's forced."

There really wasn't much to do, other than wander up and down Granville St. looking at people wearing maple leaf capes or waving maple leaf flags. I pointed out to my buddy that in some countries, like Mexico, people would be dancing in the street.

Those who seemed to be thrilled by the mob of Maple Leafers were small children. A little boy walking through the mob, holding his father's hand, was looking up with a smile. A little girl being pushed in a stroller was looking up with a genuine look of amazement on her face.

It was one big photo op. Digital cameras were as ubiquitous as Maple Leafs. That was the part I found most interesting, because you wouldn't have seen it ten years ago: every body with a camera either snapping or posing. Nobody worrying about the cost of developing film. Everybody a journalist of some sort.


john said...

I really like reading your blog.And checking out your pic`s. your a good journalist your self.I live in the downtown east side myself.And always go to your site,if there is some news from the hood, I want to get the skinny on.

Anonymous said...

Went down to the Owelympics a few times.
All it is is either mindless wandering of the streets in large crowds, or lining up for hours for a sliver of cheese!

YEs, a sliver of cheese. I walked over to a nearby store and told everyone that they could buy a whole block of cheese for $5 instead of lining up for 3 hours to get a free "sliver" of cheese.

God, people are stupid.

Downtown was alive and crowded, but BORING!

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