Friday, April 23, 2010

Get a Cash Advance on Your Welfare Cheque

A woman on the Downtown Eastside -- actually she is a "trans" something or other, a man dressed as a woman -- told me that at Pigeon Park Savings people can get a cash advance on their welfare cheque. On the Tuesday before welfare Wednesday, you can get a $20 advance. But you have to be an established customer in good standing, she said.

Another Downtown Eastsider who lives at the Cobalt Hotel has since confirmed the existance of the $20 cash advance. He said his friend gets it every month.

Pigeon Park Savings is operated by VanCity at Hastings and Columbia on the Downtown Eastside. I guess they know their customer base and they're meeting their needs.


Anonymous said...

is she Trans, or something or the other?

You are quite rude aren't you?

The word verification is creep, NOW THAT'S FUNNY!

reliable sources said...

I didn''t write that she was trans "or" something or other. You subtly changed the meaning of the sentence.

I can't always distinguish between who is transgendered, transexual, transvestite, etc. At the Downtown Clinic, they have a sign on the men's washroom, "Trans persons" also welcome. Like me, they seem to be having trouble distinguishing between the assorted trans.

Anonymous said...

There is a Trans welcome sign on both washrooms at DCHC. They are welcome and not something or the other!
If you cant' distinguish, then just say trans for Christ's sake!