Monday, April 19, 2010

Kim Kerr's Defense: BC Housing Didn't Give DERA Enough Money

The Statement of Defence was filed on Thursday in the BC Housing v. DERA Housing case. Thanks to a reader who sent us this update:

"Cameron Ward (lawyer) is pleading if Kim Kerr was corrupt (that is, not doing what he should ) then it was because BC Housing did not give him enough money to do his job so he had to cook the books. The DTES housing providers are going to love this as all they do is complain about lack of funding and Kim is going to become their champion. Commit fraud and become the poster child of the DTES."


Anonymous said...

The Povertarians.

This is worse than mere graft. The general legal principal: crime is necessary as a ‘right to life’ - Insite. DERA’s creative accounting. Bingogate. Utilizing the ‘lumpen’ as a weapon against the ‘bourgeoisie’: micro terrorism. Junkie cadres. Muggings, break ins, car thefts, sex slavery. The money pours into the treasuries of the drug merchant, the pimp and madame, the povertarian and corrupt Leftist functionary. Organized crime. The worker, the soldier, pays more and more. Taxation for terrorists.

Two of the Central Committee:

Mark Townsend radicalized and indoctrinated into hardline Marxism since his college days. The overarching goal: ‘soft revolution’. The PHS a political front group. Direct action assets: a shadowy network of enforcers, spies, and workers of dirty tricks. Enemies receive a visit from car 87 - a woman named Christa. A McLibel style attack on the Vancouver Courier.

Kim Kerr. A rap sheet that includes stealing from Canada Post, threatening democratically elected city counsellors. Active in the Anti Poverty Committee. Old timers recall Kerr drunk out of his mind and laying in his own diarrhoea.

The liberal elite and Castro. Their idiots kids in Che tshirts. Jim Jones as chairman of the San Francisco Housing Authority. Power politics, the cult of personality. The chattering classes who form passionate opinions from propaganda. The poor, the mentally ill, the enslaved, withering away in ghettos. Gulag, and sent to the camps: Pickton. Undesirables. Nothing changes.

The evil is palpable and makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The stench of lies mingles with crack smoke and excrement. Functionaries control everything. Soap and towels handed out before entering the gas chamber, cleverly disguised as a shower. The inhalation room spun as treatment. Tommy Douglas’ eugenic dream put into action. Socialism! Progress ! Progress!

Anonymous said...

what's with the vpd? got told to f off today by receptionist at vpd on main. dropped documents off there and reception wouldn't sign for them, said they never sign for anything. liar, they sign for couriers all the time. she talked thru gritted teeth. in a low voice so her super doesn't hear she says fuck off.
wouldnt give me her name. she's maybe 26, long dark brown straight hair, skinny, wound tight
she says to try second delivery on monday
gave me a card for
janet piper,
Public Service Unit.

public service LOL