Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Emergency at Brian Adams' Studio

Two fire trucks showed up at Brian Adams music studio today at about 5:4o p.m. Adams' studio is at Columbia and Powell St, on the same block as the fire station. One truck left soon after arriving; the other stayed for about 20 minutes. Fire trucks can arrive for anything from fire to medical emergencies. I guess whatever happened, even if it cut like a knife, it feels alright.

We'll never know what happened though, as people who work at the high-security studio have a reputation for never mixing with Downtown Eastsiders.

A few years back, Adams was on his rooftop patio when a woman went out onto her 4th floor balcony across the street. Adams saw her and went back inside, slamming the door as he went. She says she hadn't gone out there to watch him. She wasn't a fan of Adams. She was a fan of Enrique Eglesias.

On another occasion, a neighbour saw Adams with a floppy hat pulled down over his ears, dashing out the door of his studio into a waiting Yellow cab. She figured he was determined not to be seen. She looked around and there was nobody on the sidewalks except her. And she's not a fan.

Adams held a Junos party at this studio a year or two ago. I think the Junos should give an award for the Canadian songwriting using the most cliches. Adams wouldn't win though. He would have tough competition from Shania Twain who wants to"wake up every morning to your sweet face."

Thanks to the Downtown Eastsider who sent us the photo.


Anonymous said...

[This comment was edited for language.]

Hey J---, I used to live on the next block and BrYan Adams was alwasy receptive of the fans. I even callled out from my window one night with a bunch of drunken friends; him, his girlfriend and manger (fat guy) all turned back and waved, so f--- off with your stupidness. you are a f--ken classless j---, just like me, so shove it! i'm so sick of your shit! BrYan deserves his fame, he's worked hard (if you've followed his career at all?), you should be proud he's a homeboy. He owes the DTES residents, or anyone else, NOTHING! ...besides those who made him...that being his MOM and DAD. Thanks. ....you're still a j---!

reliable sources said...


If you are as familiar with Adams' career as you claim to be, you would know that his "MOM" is dead and he held a photography exhibition to benefit breast cancer in her honor.