Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bicylist Collides with Car in Dunsmuir Bike Lane

At about 5 p.m. Friday, a bicyclist collided with an SUV in the Dunsmuir St. bike lane.  An SUV was driving on Dunsmuir and turned left onto Homer, headed toward Pender St.  A homeless man heard a thud.  The bicyclist had crashed right into the SUV.

The Chinese guy driving the SUV stopped.  The bicyclist managed to get up.

The witness couldn't stop because he was rushing to the Gathering Place for dinner; when you're homeless you have to stay focused on finding cheap or free dinners.  The witness assumed the driver couldn't see the cyclist and thought the accident was the cyclist's fault. "He should have been looking", the homeless man said. "Those bike lanes are dangerous."


Anonymous said...

What is the importance that the driver was a "chinese guy"?
What if he/she had been First Nations, or Scottish, or Iranian?
Would that have somehow changed the outcome?

reliable sources said...

PC Police,

"What is the importance that the driver was a "chinese guy"?

The importance of this detail is that the homeless guy said he might be willing to talk to ICBC if they contacted us. He said ICBC might hear about this accident as the cyclist "could have gotten whiplash" and the SUV was probably dented as the cyclist was travelling fast.

It helps to include details so that ICBC can establish that the witness was actually there and could identify who he saw at the scene.

I don't think the witness got a good look at the cyclist; he was on the ground and was getting up.