Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dal Richards and the Murderous Muriel Honey

Dal Richards in March 2009

If your wife continued gasing people after one person had suffered gas poisoning, would you continue to find her attractive?

That's a question for Dal Richards.  Richards is a Vancouver musician married to Muriel Honey, director of the Film Office at the City of Vancouver.  For ten years Downtown Eastsiders have asked Honey to stop gasing people.

For ten years, Honey has allowed film companies to park generators in the worst possible place: on the sidewalk in front of street level apartment windows on the Downtown Eastside.  The tenants do not have windows on the sides or rear of their apartments, just front windows where oxygen has to compete with carbon monoxide gas pouring in. A senior member of the Fire Dept. took the position that parking generators outside these windows and allowing them to run all day is dangerous.

Honey is aware that one person has already suffered carbon monoxide poisoning; she eventually wrote the victim a letter saying that the City did not intend to upset anyone.

She kept the gas flowing.

A few hours ago, a tenant got nauseous from multiple generators parked outside street level apartment windows by a film company.

Richards benefits from the over $100,000 salary that Honey takes from taxpayers as she places lives at risk by recklessly gasing people.  Richards posed for a photo when a local magazine ran a feature article on the swank loft he shares with Honey ...not far from where she is allowing people to be poisoned.  It's time he stopped benefiting even peripherally from her salary.

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